Lindgren Awarded Win For Friday Night

UPDATE: After further review of the NCAA scoring rule governing the assignment of winning and losing pitchers (Rule 10, Section 25), the OVL has determined that the winning pitcher of last Friday night’s game against the Railroaders is Jeff Lindgren.

Normally a starting pitcher in a nine inning game must pitch at least five innings in order to be eligible to get credit for a Win. However, an exception to that rule is when there is a prearrangement for a team to pitch three or more pitchers, in which case the pitcher of record shall get credit for the Win.

The Miners plan for the game on Friday was to limit all pitchers to a maximum of 45 pitches and to pitch more than three pitchers. The official scorer was informed of that plan prior to the start of the game. By rule, with this pre-arrangement in place before the game, the pitcher of record gets credit for the Win.

Starter Jeff Lindgren was the pitcher of record, having left the game with the Miners in the lead, which was never relinquished. Accordingly, the initial scoring determination awarding Lindgren the Win was correct and has been reinstated by the OVL.

We apologize for the confusion but appreciate that the OVL wanted to make the correct ruling and took the time and effort to do so. The official game stats and box score will be updated accordingly.

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